Saturday, January 8, 2011

T.I.A Back-To-School (AM) comp

Well it went down jan 8th 2011 the T.I.A Back-To-School (AM) comp

Things started off pretty mellow with the guys just having a loose sesh then a game of skate for some skull candy stuff

red bull came in too give everyone an energy boost then the madness started from two in the afternoon i must say the level of skate-boarding has really improved in Soweto and from the guys who always come through from other parts of JHB to show some love and sesh with us...

so the comp kicked off with guys skating in pairs for one minute an 30 seconds and all the dudes held it down crazy with khanya walking away with top honor's

Then we went on to the game of skate using the whole park it did leave a few guys frustrated but it worked out in the end.

1st Khanya
2nd Taylor sturgess
3rd Thabiso
best trick, Lebo Modise

All the guys in the top 3 and best trick walked away with some rad Element goods and a one year Bearing Sponsor-ship from T.I.A

big thanx to Phiko from redbull, ming from dash, and the guys from Element skate-boarding

T.I.A bact-to-school (AM) skate comp from moyeni on Vimeo.
Till next time assassins