Monday, March 7, 2011

Taylors welcome vid and Cool-Guy bearings rap up

Check out Taylor Sturgess reppin' for T.I.A cool-guy Bearings. keep checking back for more team updates and the last two new T.I.A skaters
Taylor Sturgess Welcome To T.I.A Vid from moyeni on Vimeo.
here is another new face to T.I.A Taylor is just setting the skateboarding local scene on fire with his tech tricks and shortness
  •  The T.I.A Cool-Guy Bearings are finally here, i know a lot of y'all have been mailing about when do will they be available so here they are.

they ABEC-5's but after some testing we found they smoother and roll faster then the average ABEC-5 bearings

At only R90 a set they quality at an affordable price so for this month if you say outside of Johannesburg we can ship your order to you anywhere is S.A for only just R10 up to 4 sets for that amount so get your order in before they run out.

you can mail you order in to or call meni on 0787809026

stay cool assassins.

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